You can probably tell by now I am OBSESSED with PODCASTS. Legit obsessed. I listen to them on my commute, on my morning run, when I’m folding laundry. ALL THE TIME. I find it is the perfect way to multi-task! So this week I interviewed Cassie Upton of the Fearless Free Podcast.

Her and her husband were incredibly brave and quit their jobs to become entreprenuers! Grab your KOMBUCHA and check out this fascinating interview with Cassie!

Q: So I am SUPER fascinated by your podcast. However, lets start at the beginning. Pre-podcast, what brought you to this point?

Cassie: My hubby and I were both homeschooled growing up and met at a family homeschool camp when I was 16 (crazy right?!). In our early days we talked a lot about our dreams and our future and we were both super interested in living differently than “the normal way” most people in our society live. We had no idea it would lead us on this crazy journey of entrepreneurship. After 2 years of dating long distance, we moved to the beach together, took some college courses, worked a bunch of different jobs, and basically floundered around learning about ourselves and each other. We got married 5 years into our relationship and life set in, we both had really good jobs without a college degree and we had a baby. We were soooo happy but life started to feel stale and boring. So we committed to a life of adventure and both set out to quit our jobs and it’s been a whirlwind ever since!

Q: WOW! So how did you end up podcasting and quitting your full time job?

Cassie: We started podcasting because we really wanted to connect with other husband and wife teams that felt the same way we did about life and love and working together. We both love listening to podcasts for inspiration and education so we thought it would be the perfect platform to share stories of other couples that take the leap and start a business together. We called it Fearlessly Free. It’s not our full time job, the podcast is part of our company Philip Marie where our goal is to encourage couples o grow in life and entrepreneurship. Whether they are just starting out and wanting to leave the 9-5 or they are more established in their life and business, we want to connect everyone together and be a source of support, education, and encouragement. We also have an online travel decor boutique called Blush Design Co. Blush is where our entrepreneurial journey started.

Q: Since you produce your own podcasts, do you record at home?

Cassie: We love the process of podcasting, it’s so fun! We do record at home with just our computer, a good quality microphone, and we use zoom for our interviews. Our podcasts are very conversational so we don’t have to edit them a whole lot either. My husband, PJ and I do all the episodes and interviews together, then he does some minor edits and cuts it together with our intro and outro, then I take over and publish the episode and promote it across all our platforms.

Q: What have been some of the challenges in producing a podcast?

Cassie: The biggest challenge so far has just been figuring it all out and fumbling through the process of creating the first few episodes. We have made a lot of mistakes, but it has also been a really fun learning process. We believe it’s really important to just START even if you feel like something isn’t perfect. We feel really great about the podcast and our episodes, but we know there is still so much to learn!

[BUT] the absolute best part of podcasting and entrepreneurship is learning about the importance of connection and community. We love talking to all of these couples and hearing their stories, getting to know them, sharing our struggles, fears, and celebrating when we get things figured out. There is no better feeling than doing something you’re passionate about, until you discover the feeling of sharing that passion with other people.

Q: That sounds like a way better work day then sitting at an office nine to five! How is it working with your husband 24/7?

Cassie: We absolutely love each other and love working together, but it doesn’t come without challenges. We try to communicate A LOT and also make sure we spend time together as a family without talking business, as well as spend time ALONE. Haha.

My favorite tip for working with your significant other is to learn how to fight fair. You will absolutely fight and have arguments and disagreements, and if you don’t know how to do that in a healthy way it can get really messy. Learn how to fight with each other and make sure you come to some kind of understanding and move on and recover quickly. Also, it’s okay if you feel like your life isn’t perfectly balanced between work, family, marriage, and self. Things will change at different times in your life. Sometimes you need to put a lot of time into the business, sometimes the baby or your kids will need some extra attention, and sometimes you will need a lot of alone time. It can change week to week and season to season so don’t stress about living a perfectly balanced life.

Q: I LOVE that advice. It seems intimidating but I definitely see how you can make it work. What are your top five podcasts you are listening to right now?

Cassie: 1. The Entreleadership Podcast.         2. The Tony Robbins Podcast.                                3. The GaryVee Audio Experience.     4. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast.                5. Rich Bitch

Q: AH. Such a big fan of the Gary Vee Podcast as well! Can you leave the BYOK community off with some podcasting advice?

Cassie: You will most likely HATE listening to the sound of your voice when you first start podcasting! So my tip is don’t let that hold you back from getting started and getting your podcast out there. It will help if you listen to yourself over and over again and get used to the sound of your own voice, then you will feel comfortable and confident when you record each episode. I would also suggest you get involved in some podcasting groups online and connect with other members of the podcasting community. You can learn a lot from more experienced podcasters and it will help your podcast grow! 


Make sure to check out Cassie’s podcast, instagram, and blog,! Thanks for reading!

xx Erica